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Chinese Carnival of Institu... 2019/05/08
【World·GDUFS】Initiative M... 2019/05/06
【World · GDUFS】LI Xiaosha... 2019/04/09
Videos for GDUFS 30th Anniv... 2016/11/02
Consul General of Kuwait in... 2019/06/26
GDUFS Delegation Attended t... 2019/06/01
World Bank Economists visit... 2019/05/20
The Massey University Deleg... 2019/05/16
GDUFS Delegation Attended J... 2019/05/08
Research Center on German-s... 2019/04/22
Delegation of Yogyakarta Na... 2019/04/20
Consul General of Turkey in... 2019/04/15

Scholarships for International Students at GDUFS 2019 2019/04/04
Guangdong Government Outstanding Student Scholarship 2019 2019/04/04
Prospectus for Chinese Language Summer Training Program 2019 2019/04/04
Admission Prospectus for Degree Programs | Autumn Enrollment 2019 2019/04/02
Application Guide for Confucius Institute Scholarship 2019 2019/03/04
【World·GDUFS】Initiative Means Opportunities
【World · GDUFS】LI Xiaoshan : China, I Cannot Stop Loving You
Videos for GDUFS 30th Anniversary for International Students Programs
Consul General of Kuwait in Guangzhou Visits GDUFS
GDUFS Delegation Attended the Unveiling Ceremony of Confucius Institutes at The University of Porto
World Bank Economists visited GDUFS
The Massey University Delegation of New Zealand Visited GDUFS
Research Center on German-speaking Countries Founded at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

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